Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chingay Parade 2010

This year theme our group to design and make the flower props for the performers.

Huge colourful petals are the highligts. Together with the colourful insects like butterflies and caterpillars.

Look at these colourful and interesting photos, will update later:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The making of 2006/2007 40 Electronic Robo Dogs/Bones of Chingay Parade

PropArt with embedded lightings technology

Photos courtesy of Soka Gakkai members.

In the 2006/07 Chingay Festival, our group was to make 40 electronic dogs (green & orange colour) and 4 bones props.

After numerous difficulties trying to find a solution, to stitch the bone props foams together, because this time we didn't use any frames to support it. It's very difficult to hold the odd- shaped foam together to glue it with the hot glue gun and wait until it set. After gluing it together, try to put some plastic frames inside to support it.

After many unsuccessful attempts to hold it together the odd shaped materials and glue it with the hot glue gun, trying various methods. We finally found a way using U-link wires to attached it to both sides and temporary hold it together, then apply the hot glue on it. After it were glued together, then removed the U-link wires.

To make forty electronic dogs for the students performers is no joke, all the different pie
ces ran into thousands. First I got use a blower to blow hot air onto the synthetic foams into various parts to shapes of different parts of the body and use my hands to hold it until it set into shapes. This process is too slow.

Later I found a way to increase the spe
ed of doing it. By making wire moulds. Put a few foams into the wire moulds. This methods greatly increase the speed of making the props . This way more foams set into shapes much faster.

The idea of cutting a heart- shaped hole on the front cover chest foam and put heart shape translucent covers on it and put an electronic lighting device on it, initially ran into difficulties.

Later I found a way of cutting two pieces of thin synthetic foams made it into a heart shape glued it together put the electronic lighting device inside it, which able to fit into the foam (front cover of the performer) so to be able to take it out and replace it or change the batteries.

And cut a hole on it, so can switch on/off and the light, cut a hole in front so that the three little blinking light bulbs (red, yellow & blue) were able to put nearest to the translucent plastic cover, so to bring out the best possible lighting effects.

The synthetic foams were later sprayed with paint, scotch tape were use to stick on the surface to make it look glossy and prevent rain from damaging it. To tighten the tape so that, no trace of outline of the tape to be seen, a blower were use to blow hot air on it until it tighten and look glossy.

Various light reflective accessories
were later stick on it.

Series of small light bulbs which blink , were then installed on it and linked to the batteries pack on the belt. The sewing group were to make the uniforms for the performance. The foams were then attached to the uniforms. Electric motor were attached behind the back to make the tail spin. So it look like robot dogs.

Many graduates are now joining the props group maybe due to the satisfactions of seeing their creations been appreciated, that attracted them to join. Some of them stayed overnight, rushing to compete the props for the grand finale

Hearing people nice commended on our props, brought me great satisfactions.

Friday, February 1, 2008

My design and making of props for Chingay Parade

Take a look at these awesome pictures:

The picture when members performing used with the permissions of Arbal

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chingay Parade 2008 - Props designs and props enhancements

What do you think about the crab prop that I had done for the 2008 Chingay Parade I think this is possibly the most difficult prop with about 20 sets with it ten hands twisting and turning.

I was involved with finishing the props with the help of the prop group. Take a look at the photo. Hope that it can trigger the interest and imagination of the children with it colours and reflections.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Interesting innovative ideas at Chingay props making - 1997

Chingay prop group anniversary celebration, yet to be completed 97 musical instrument props - The trumpet, pipa & guitar props.

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Photos courtesy of Soka members, click on photo:

James who used to make lion dance and lanterns props in his childhood days, prepared the outlines of the musical instrument props.

Sometimes the whole props got to be redo.

In 1997. We were organised in groups, sometimes we exchanged ideas how to solved certain problems in making the props. Our props group was to prepare the musical props for the performers. It was an exciting challenge to glue the synthetic foams to the bamboo frames nicely.

Translucent synthetic foams were used to stick to the bamboo frames together, by hot glue using glue guns. Between the props and the performers lights bulbs systems were installed inside and the props, and then covered by translucent and colourful clothes. Numerous members had their hands burnt trying to stick the foams together.

Pulling and sticking the foams to the bamboo frames with the correct strength can enhance the visual impact of the props.

With my technical educations background. As I used to work as a welder, welding gates and windows etc and also as a printer in a major newspaper company. My experiences and skills were able to put into good use. I am able to make full use of my skills, which I perfected for practicing setting the printing rollers in Singapore Press Holdings for many years.

I used to practice hours and hours setting, the printing rollers accurately by pulling 2 piece of papers out from 2 printing rollers from both sides, as critical skills were needed to set the rollers accurately for the printing operations. Click View Blog machinery

During the Chingay Parade rehearsals numerous props were brought back with the synthetic foams sagging, as it was not properly pulled to the right amount of strength and glued to the bamboo frames.

It's very difficult to glue it to the frames, lots of fingers were burned, trying to stick and pull the odd shaped synthetic materials tight to the frames and hold on it for some times, until it stick tight to the bamboo frames, with the hot glue on it is a challenge. As the foams take some time to dry and stick to the bamboo frames.
My innovations in double secured the bamboo flames by using the hot glue guns and strings make the props not to run out of shapes and able to carry heavy internal lightings.

To bring out the best possible visual effects impact of the props. When the perfomers dances at night.

When gluing the foams, it need to stretch it tight to the best possible limits, so that to allow the best possible
penetrative effects of the lightning systems, inside the props.

The stretching of the foam couldn't be too tight as it will not stick to the frame and could be too loose, if not later it will sagged after some usages.
As time was short, which left one day only to redo the props. I got to muster all my years of skills and experiences rushing from morning, till night to completely redo all the props, cutting, pulling and glued the props back to the correct strength for the grand finale. With the help of other Props group members.

Innovations in prop-making

Because of my skills transferred from the pulling out of papers from the printing rollers, I am able to meet these challenges, to the stretching of the foam to the right tightness, which enhanced the overall appearance and special visual effects of the lightnings. Click here to see more of my innovations.

Lot of satisfactions, they were so impressed & fascinated with the effects of the props, it were displayed in the temple for months after the performance.

The tightness of the foams, the multi-colours & the blinking of the lights inside the props made it a extraordinary sights to view.

Thanks to the co-operations of different individuals to make it a success.